NSU 601 OSL Wehrmacht with sidecar

NSU 601 OSL Wehrmacht with sidecar

NSU 601 OSL Wehrmacht with sidecar


NSU 601 OSL Wehrmacht with sidecar

Published on 2021-05-15, by Bas, location: Netherlands

NSU 601 OSL Wehrmacht

We are really happy to bring this beautifull NSU 601 OSL Wehrmacht sidecar at the market.
This NSU was recently found in the Netherlands and the owner, who owned him for over 40 years, agreed to sell it due his age.

The NSU is in driving condition (last drive 6 months ago) and has a Dutch papers(only 5 registred in the Netherlands).

In the early 1930’s, Nsu was devoliping a design now known as the OHV(overhead valve configuration).

Finally, in 1938, the NSU 601 OSL model was produced, with a 562-CC engine with 20 hp at 3,800 rpm.
The OSL abbrevation meant ‘Overhead racing luxery’
Later, in 1939, this model was adopted by the German Wehrmacht and were produced till beginning of 1940.
The wehrmacht model was only produced for 1 year!

The NSU was able to reach the speed of 100 km/h.

With only a few 1000 made, this motorcyle is a one of a kind and not much seen…
Comes without the EU spec MG34.

For more info, pictures and price :

35 000,00 €